How can new and emerging technologies add value? AI, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, VR….

So, what are all these new technologies? And how can they add value?

Superius has put together some simple fact sheets about some new and emerging technologies, emphasizing the business opportunities they represent, and the value they may add to your organization.

You do not need to become a technical expert

In order to bring your organization to the next level, to invest smart in new technology, and to optimize the return from those investments while securing your information assets – you do not need to have deep technical knowledge. But you definitely need to develop an awareness of the most common technology trends, how they impact your industry and business and what business opportunities and value they may bring. As the first step on this journey, please find below some fact sheets about certain new and emerging technologies for your free download and use. If you find them useful, we would appreciate your feedback and referrals to others who may benefit from them.

Cloud computing: Strictly no longer “new”, but still emerging and definitely not fully utilized effectively by many organizations.

Big Data analytics: This one has also been around for quite some time, but has not been widely adopted for effective and efficient generation of insight which informs quality business decisions.

Distributed Ledger Technologies (Blockchain): We have heard about Blockchain for a while, but there is still a lot of scepticism.  This will change your mind!

Autonomous systems: Scripted? Supervised? Intelligent? Find out if these systems may add value to your organization!

Artificial Intelligence (AI): What are the three categories of AI? New applications are found by the day, and value is generated!

Internet of Things (IoT): How can you distribute sensing and collection of data in an effective and  secure manner?

Digital twins: The digital representation of a complete system or working environment brings high potential features!

Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR & AR): These are mature technologies which are ready to add business value in many areas!

Unmanned vehicles (ground/aerial/surface/underwater): They are already replacing many challenging and high-risk functions. How?

Quantum Computing (QC): This is still not a mature technology, but the potential is enormous for certain applications!

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