Transformation of Health Institution

«The transformation took us from being a severely under-performing health service provider to being an example for others to follow». Client / Institution Leader

Leading a challenging transformation

One Superius Partner led the transformation of a health service provider with 90 empolyees using an organizational development process called “Building the Winning Organization” based on Positive Integrational Co-Creation tools. After 2 ½ years, the institution delivered supreme services at a significantly lower cost, in a healthy and rewarding working environment, and with an internationally recognized reputation.

«The leadership, guidance and knowledge provided to us during our journey of the transformation was invaluable. Without the competencies, experience and professional tools from the consultant, we would never have been able to become a high performing health service provider.»

Client / Institution Leader


– Design a transformation process and facilitate this process in a highly complex and challenging situation with sub-optimal health services delivered, significant sick absence, budget overruns and a high conflict level.
– A wide-ranging and complex assignment which translated to: “fix this situation”!


– A health institution with 90 employees was in a dire situation with the CEO on sick leave due to burn-out.
– The institution drew unfavorable attention in media due to sub-optimal services.
– There existed a destructive conflict level, with a blaming and defending culture.
– The total sick absence in the organization was 17 % per year.
– A significant budget was spent on temporary work arrangements to cover the sick absence.


– Because of the complexity of the situation, a holistic approach was needed. We designed an organizational development process based on Positive Integrational and Alignment Co-Creation tools.
– The organization needed to switch the focus from apathy to something it was worth working for (a Winning Organization). All employees and the management had to build respect and trust in a common future.
– We had to remove the established attitudes and perspective of reciprocal incompetence and install a team feeling and a culture of common strength.
– We initiated an organizational Fitness Training. This is a learning-by-doing process closely supported and coached by external experts to reel in the staff before they fall back into destructive behavior when the pressure is high.
– The next step was to remove the internal and external barriers hindering the team from becoming the desired “Dream Team”. This is done through a step-by-step alignment process for all strategical and organizational road-blockers.
– This complex process requires that steps are performed in the right sequence, creating multiple synergies by maximizing the organizational integration using co-creation workshops with the management and the employees.
– The development process was running for 2½ years and was supported by different trainings and coaching whenever needed.


– The institution’s clients and their relatives became significantly more satisfied with the services.
– The staff showed a strong professional pride and a high level of motivation at their workplace.
– The employer satisfaction and leadership performance were measured before and after the development process by an independent institution and went from “Very Bad” to “Exceptionally Good” on all KPI’s.
– Sick absence dropped from 17% to below 4%, corresponding to a decrease of 20,000 hours or approx. 10 employee-years, totaling a productivity increase of 12.5% (measured on this particular KPI).
– The municipality saved 170,000 EUR in direct external temporary work arrangements costs.
– The negative headlines in the media disappeared.
– Speed in decision making and execution process increased dramatically. I.e., in just 13 months the health institution was able to turn an idea of building a new dementia center into reality. This included the vertical political decision process’ from the municipality governors down to management and employees, planning and physical construction of new buildings and education of the staff.

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