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Learn about Blockchain

Why do 95% of Digital Transformation initiatives fail? Here is how to get it right!

bring your Business to its Full Potential

How can new and emerging technologies add value? AI, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, VR….

bring your Business to its Full Potential

Become a digital leader, bring your business to its full potential and grow!

Learn about Blockchain

Securing your information systems requires good governance!

bring your Business to its Full Potential

Data Protection laws/regulations: the ethics-based approach sets you on the right path!


Innovation – Value – Security. We help you to innovate and to implement, adopt and maintain new technologies. We assist you in optimizing business value from your technology investments. And we work with you to secure your technology and information assets. Grab opportunities. Solve problems. Save time and costs. Grow revenue. Clear success enablers. End-to-end. Holistic. Real and sustained. From strategy to full production. From business and technology experts. No more sleepless nights. 


A multidisciplinary team is the key to success. We are a group of reputable professionals based in Switzerland with a passion for new technology and how to enhance business opportunities and to solve business problems through technology investments. We are excited to help you grow your business through sound and knowledge-based technology investments – and to ensure they generate real and sustained business value. Innovation, Digital Transformation and Security is the key to survival and growth for all organizations and enterprises. We will help you to get there!


100+ years, 5 continents, 35 countries, 9 languages. Superius is a truly international team with truly complementary skill sets – based in the Swiss Cantons of Geneva, Vaud, Aargau and Zurich. We are business strategists, organizational developers, analytical minds, security experts, data protection tsars and technology governance ambassadors. Our passion is to help our clients to invest wisely in technology, to enhance business opportunities and solve problems in a safe and secure manner, and to optimize business value from those investments.

Johnny Johansen

Technology & Security Strategist, Change Agent

Johnny intersects his business and technical background, helping clients to optimize their technology investments. His career covers Private Sector, The Armed Forces and the United Nations – working with multi-nationals as well as start-ups. He is a Technology Governance Expert, Information Security Strategist, Data Protection Officer, Auditor, Risk Manager, BC/DR Specialist, Business Analyst and Project Manager.

Marc Carletti

Digital Leader, Banking Technology

Marc has a long career as an international senior executive and Digital Leader within banking technology and financial services. He also provides services like: board advisory, financial services strategy development, M&A, business transformation, media and data content management, as well as assisting technology start-ups.

Steen Lykke Rasmussen

Builder of winning organizations

Steen has as a business consultant and coach successfully supported 100+ companies in building winning organizations in 13 countries the last 25 years. As a business leader and External University Lecturer in leadership, change management and competitive strategy, he generates optimal value for his clients. He helps them to set the right strategic direction, to create customer value-based business models, and to build the required organizational power. He is also an active public speaker and multiple board chairman.


Here you will find articles, presentations and events related to new and emerging technologies, and how they can enhance business opportunities, solve problems, generate value and reduce security risk.


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