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«A very professional, agile and skilled team of consultants». Client / Chief Physician

Leading a transformation in a medical center

Two Superius Partners worked with a medical center in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, to lead a digital transformation initiative. The partners were tasked with evaluating business processes, the technology supporting these processes, as well as the information security and data protection posture of the organization. Superius would also propose measures for improvements where appropriate and coordinate the implementation of these measures.

«We now have a significantly improved set of business processes, technology landscape and updated security and data protection measures»

Chief Physician


– To assess, propose improvements and lead implementation of measures in terms of business processes, applications and the underlying technology supporting these processes.
– To assess, propose improvements and lead implementation of measures in terms of information security and data protection.


– Manual processes which were not documented or optimized for potential automation / digitalization.
– Outdated IT infrastructure which hampered efficiency of daily duties.
– Extensive medical laboratory with ad-hoc connection to the office network.
– Generic system accounts for access to patient data.
– A considerable amount of medical records not yet digitized.
– A lack of permanent contracts with external service providers for on-going maintenance, monitoring and reporting of the IT infrastructure.


– Agree with the client on the objectives, scope, approach, methodology and criteria for the evaluation and the process for reporting, planning and executing the recommended measures.
– Prepare interviews, observations and document reviews with the various stakeholders and schedule all interactions well in advance with minimal interruption to the daily duties.
– Evaluate the organization in terms of business processes, the governance and management of technology, risk management, information security, data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery, identity and access management (IAM), connectivity, remote access, applications, infrastructure, data management, license administration, technology life-cycle management and technical support contracts.
– Report and discuss the findings and recommendations with the client and agree on an implementation plan.
– Lead the implementation in collaboration with local service providers where appropriate.
– Hand over a final report to the client, and relevant documentation to the local service providers.


– Increased awareness in terms of technology governance and management, risk aspects, life-cycle management, license administration and business continuity and disaster recovery.
– Improved business processes through the adoption of new technology and digitalization.
– Updated technology infrastructure, hardware, applications, remote access and data management.
– Implemented information security measures related to perimeter, network, endpoints, identity and access management (IAM), two-factor authentication (2FA), updates and patching, IP telephony, peripherals, laboratory instruments, messaging and back-up systems.
– Training provided to employees in European and Swiss Privacy/Data Protection laws and regulations (GDPR, FADP).
– Renegotiated and permanent service contracts for technical support covering essential infrastructure, connectivity and security, applications and disaster recovery.

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