Food Industry

Turnaround of Production Facility

«The turnaround completely altered our company into a Winning Organization with energized and motivated employees working towards common goals». CEO

Leading a comprehensive turnaround – the ultimate change process

One Superius Partner was tasked with leading a comprehensive and complex turnaround in the food industry. Significant challenges existed, and a total re-build if the organization and its business culture was required to succeed. By using the “BizPilot” integration and alignment process, the production facility went from dysfunctional to a highly effective and efficient business entity, with an excellent working environment, and a tripled net profit in just 18 months.

«The turnaround exceeded our expectations and allowed us to modernize all aspects of our organization, become a highly profitable business with an excellent working environment – and a nomination for “The World’s Best Company in Development Countries” by the UN World Bank.»



– Lead all preparations for the turnaround with all aspects covered from strategy alignment, business culture, organizational structure and execution power, human resources, leadership and coaching.
– Inject trust in the organization, develop cohesion and loyalty and ensure that these developments result in a healthy culture, collective performance and further growth.
– Ensure to harvest “low hanging fruits” to obtain buy-in from the wider organization and build on the momentum – all aligned with contemporary change management principles.


– A subsidiary of an internationally operating company had been established in Eastern Europe, and subsequently acquired a local company and to rebuild a large-scale production facility.
– Several hundred employees had been hired under a Western European management team, and a number of challenges existed, including an unhealthy professional culture with mistrust, demotivated staff, hiring of staff unfit for their roles, and theft from the production facilities.
– The management was overwhelmed by the complexity and amount of the challenges, and the situation was critical. Financial performance was at a dramatic loss of approx. 7 million EUR.


– The turnaround and facilitated process lasted for 18 months, and the “BizPilot” integration and alignment process was used.
– If human beings are a part of the issue, it is more or less always the case that a complex problem-solving process is needed. It means rebuilding a professional culture which supports the purpose of the company.
– The newly hired and young local managers needed to be trained in professional management skills and leadership. We designed a holistic development process based on the Biz Pilot Development Concept, as an integrated learning program.
– A high level of transparency to discover the real potential in the company was developed. The first step is called “Organizational Fitness Training”, which purpose is to dramatically increase the execution efficiency of teams. They work with 4 synergistic goals to solve the delegated problems, and to learn how high-efficient teamwork is based on mutual trust and respect.
– In parallel, we started to rebuild the organization by aligning all organizational elements toward the purpose of the company. This is done by “Co-Creation Workshops” to which 30 of the managers were invited. With this approach, we succeeded to train the management in using professional organizational, management, and leadership tools.


– Within a few months a Winning Organization was developed, fully able to take off in a rapidly accelerating transformation process.
– A radical transformation in the culture, ethics, and capabilities of people in the organization, and top-motivated people was achieved. The previous theft and drinking culture was eliminated.
– A healthy Learning Organization was established – as opposed to staff hiding the problems due to insecurity and fear.
– A healthy Learning Organization was established – as opposed to staff hiding the problems due to insecurity and fear.
– A fast accelerating number of “Low Hanging Fruits” at all organizational levels and departments was harvested.
– The financial turnaround went from 7 million EUR loss to 16.6 million EUR profit.

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